Political Stuff – Will Political Pundits Please Quit Calling themselves Conservatives?

By | November 28, 2021

Political Pundits Use up too much oxygen?

An alternative headline is Life is too short to dance with ugly women

Saw an article in my local Denver post.  I think the most humorous item to me is how audience grabbers like these people always beat up on the government but then their usual aim is to get elected in some capacity. Nice Work If You Can Get It by Grusin sounds good right now.  Meanwhile while sporting their conservative label out front for everybody to see (like a mask), they decry masks. It’s a lesson in absurdity but then that’s how it seems to work more and more these days.

At least all of those participants like to think so…

Here the so-called conservative is more akin to a radical anarchist.  Substituting government for “respected medical authorities” is fine with them. Heck, let’s go to Vegas and we can place our bets. Wait, we don’t have to travel. Sports betting on our phones has exploded and is now larger than the lottery (I would wager).

Anyway here is a different point of view for the Kafer column

Krista Kafer: I will not wear a mask despite the mandates
There is no way to eliminate COVID entirely. We must adapt to living with the risk rather than believing the government can eliminate it through disruptive edicts.
Here was my letter to Denver Post
Krista Kafer column 11/28 — While it is good to hear a variety of viewpoints regarding an issue, it is inaccurate to consider Kafer as a conservative voice. Better to take a chance and adapt to a virus, than take steps to medically mitigate is not very conservative in my book.  She is hard right more so than conservative cautious incremental change type.

I liked her opener “Let’s look at the facts” but then she quoted a “review” by another journalist referencing no medical studies. I checked with Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic and the facts according to them are much different than audience-vested writers looking to cater to an audience. Or potentially get themselves enough visibility to get elected.  Vested target journalists writing articles in conservative sounding magazines is no different than oil lobbyists forming nice sounding “independent” groups to proselytize their way.

For “conservatives” who use the word “government” as their whipping dog, then, why do they try/angle so hard to be a part of it (e.g. Littleton city council failed run)?

The Taliban are in charge of Afghanistan now. How is that working out now and will work out in the future for them? Reminds me of Douglas County.
It’s certainly easy to see she has constructed a “conservative” profile but looking at her columns she seems closer to anarchist/radical in her prescriptions. Throw in a dash of militant.  Heritage Foundation and Hannity are totally predicable in their viewpoints. YOu know in advance what they will say and how they will say it. That proferred credential badge is their own form of mask-wearing and immunization shot ironically. I understand she has to make a living

If we are going to use the acronym RINO, then by all means these “gamblers” like Kafer should be termed CINO (Conservative in name only). To what extent have people like this only serve to extend the public health crisis?

My suggestion is that if one of your columnists wants to write about a medical condition, then make it mandatory that at least 3 actual genuine medical authorities are referenced.  Hop skipping where they quote another writer in another opinion column who doesn’t quote any actual medical references does not satisfy that condition.

For the record I am a long-time ex-republican now registered unaffiliated. I have worked with EHRs, Telemedicine and health technology for 20 years. I have to deal in facts, not predictable role-based pundits.
Last time you did that I got an anonymous letter written in ALL CAPITALS threatening me and my wife from “conservative” people. Not very conservative in my book.