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Death of a Friend – Robert Lackey Sallisaw

Sorry to hear my old school friend Robert Lackey died this month. We used to sit around at his house and my house and play guitars. Robert was a super fan of “Delta Blues” which is really “black blues” ala Robert Johnson, McGhee and others.  All the white guys came later…Cooder and Clapton are the ones that come… Read More »

Writing – AI Takes a Crack at Rochester Story

AI Reconstructing Thoughts I Did Let Gemini Take a Crack at writing my Personal Notes. Interesting tenor for sure. I provided background context with instructions and it came up with this. The whir of the Kodak Moments kiosk sang to me, a melody my heart recognized. My father-in-law, a titan in the realm of digital imaging, would have… Read More »

Writing – Chinese Poem – Dec2023

Poem which was “written” with an assist from AI. Inputting prompts and instructions with these results. 如玉姑娘, 心似莲, (A maiden like jade, with a heart like a lotus,) 历经苦难, 笑靥甜. (Hath known hardship, yet smiles so sweet.) 风语曾吟, 花落泪, (Whispers of wind once wept of fallen flowers,) 但她坚强, 化蝶飞. (But she, resilient, took flight as a butterfly.) 明月清辉,… Read More »

Opinion Column From LinkedIn on Restaurant Drive-Thrus Driving People Away

Opinion Column — Drive Thrus Driving People Away — see linkedin article.  This looks at how fixing one thing often breaks another. Posted as well on Craig Allen Keefner  Consultant Self-Service Technology 65 articles Much of my career has been devoted to websites and internet properties. High Availability and Burst Capacity are two of the big factors… Read More »