Writing – Chinese Poem – Dec2023

By | December 31, 2023
Poem which was “written” with an assist from AI. Inputting prompts and instructions with these results.
如玉姑娘, 心似莲, (A maiden like jade, with a heart like a lotus,)
历经苦难, 笑靥甜. (Hath known hardship, yet smiles so sweet.)
风语曾吟, 花落泪, (Whispers of wind once wept of fallen flowers,)
但她坚强, 化蝶飞. (But she, resilient, took flight as a butterfly.)
明月清辉, 洒满庭, (Moonlight spills soft, bathing the courtyard,)
照亮善良, 无边明. (Illuminating kindness, boundless and bright.)
人皆爱怜, 如茉莉, (Loved by all, like a jasmine bloom,)
芬芳依旧, 傲然立. (Fragrance enduring, she stands tall and proud.)