Review Costco 24 Pack Taste Test – Firestone & Stone

By | March 31, 2022
costco firestone walker review

Review Costco Firestone Walker 24 Crafted Thru Hops Review

Review Costco Firestone Walker

Costco Firestone Walker Beer Review – Click for full size

October 24, 2021 — I  have been a beer drinker for a long time and there are all sorts of situations where one beer works better than another. In the summertime in Oklahoma working on the ranch, Miller HighLife in bottles was excellent “drink during the day” beer, especially in Oklahoma which was limited to 3.2%.  In Minnesota Bud Light works really good as slug bait for slugs eating your hostas (little known fact I think). Back in the day it was a Leinie Red or Goose Island IPA or occasionally Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for me back in Minnesota (way before craft breweries took off).

Shopping at Costco here in Colorado, I see some “specials” and this week I decided to ante up the $26 for a 24-pack of mixed Firestone Walker IPAs.  Usually I keep an eye out for the Stone IPA 24 variety pack (Tiki Escape). Not a big fan of the Salt and Lime but the others are outstanding. You just have to be careful not to drink too many.  For that matter there are several very good IPAs from Colorado microbrewers.

Anyway, back to the Firestone Walker, here is my drink order (lowest alcohol to highest was the order chosen:



  • Flyjack
  • Luponic Distortion
  • Union Jack
  • Mind Haze
  • I used my Wellness for Coffee Stainless Steel Tumbler to drink from. Double wall vacuum insulated to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold and made from kitchen-grade 18/8 Stainless Steel. That provides a robust “nose”
  • Generally I smoke cigars and along with the beer had some cheap C’est La Vies

Some technical background on the cans — the cans look to be Ball origin and identical to the green Costo IPA cans where they sell 30 cans for $19.  Not bad stuff (Gordon B. actually makes its), would’ve worked good in the summertime on the ranch…But there are technical details on the Session IPA — from my pals at Ball.

See "quirky things" note

See “quirky things” note

Sooo, There are a few quirky items here – notice the ”bumps” in the neck of the can means this is a 2 6/16ths end diameter vs. standard cans you see which are 2 and 2/16ths ends. Offers a slightly larger opening for more aroma and better pour. We discussed and this can is made by Ball Williamsburg VA which means only a select few can lines (breweries) can fill this type of can. Likely Matt Brewing in Utica NY or Boston Beer brewing in Breinigsville PA. The can label identifies Hopfen Und Malz which is Gordon Biersch who likely manages the distribution to Costco…supply chain!

Individual Impressions

  • Flyjack [75]  — maybe a cut above the Costco Session IPA, maybe. Not much bodyweight though finish hung around
  • Luponic Distortion   [82]– a fuller body than flyjack. Not much after finish.
  • Union Jack [86] – bit more bite to this one. good finish
  • Mind Haze [90] – strong aroma nose, very good bite, slow after finish

Bottom line on all this?

  • I suppose it’s a pretty good deal (20 cans left to drink and will add additional notes here)
  • I’ll keep looking for the Stone
  • For Octoberfest, I did get some of the Hacker-Pschorr. Very drinkable stuff. Definitely reminded me of the times I spent in Munich beer gardens
  • And for reference when it comes to whiskey (with an “e”) my favorite brand is Redbreast which is Irish whiskey. Hard to beat and I have had up to 50 year old scotch.


  • Went thru a second iteration this week and basically confirmed all of the above.
  • I might lower the rating for Flyjack
  • Definitely enjoy the Mind Haze
  • For a nice clean German beer the Hacker is tough to beat.
  • I’ll add updates to this as I work thru the remainder.

March 2022 Costco Assortment for Stone Brewing (nice to see they won legal suit against AB)

The latest assortment at Costco for Stone is quite good. Usually there is one stinker they try and offload but these are all quite good. I was a little disappointed in the Black but heavier beers never were my choice. Its very good.  Ruination then Hazy then Black then Tangerine

Stone makes what is called FML (Fear Movie Lions) in 19.2 can for $2.99 — it is outstanding but it will knock you on your butt after a few.

costco stone brewing

costco stone brewing – click for full size

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